Lydia Needle

Business name: blackdogandgingercat
I have been working professionally as a fibre artist and designer for four years now, I teach felting and produce kits for people to learn at home. I absolutely adore my medium, British wool, and it’s incredible properties and diversity and the eco credentials it carries, and the fact that it is produced locally in this beautiful county of Somerset makes me want to promote it further. This year, the main focus of my work is Fifty BEES: The Interconnectedness of All Things, a body of work and exhibition to illustrate how diverse our bee population is, how endangered it is and how pivotal they all are to our ecosystem. I am creating 50 small, almost life-size bee pieces in wool and another 50 artists, makers, writers etc.are producing an artpiece in response to the habitat, linked wildlife, ecology, flight, sound, predators, (or whatever they choose) of 1 specific British bee; they will use media of their choice. The exhibition will take place this July at ACEarts in Somerset from 1st – 22nd July 2017 with a variety of events taking place throughout.