Business name: Lindsey Tyson Textile Art & Design
Lindsey Tyson is a textile designer and artist, based at Woodend Creative Workspace in Scarborough. Originally a weave designer in the automotive trade, Lindsey sidestepped into the world of contemporary craft and now creates sophisticated felt products which she sells at art and craft galleries and craft fairs around the country. Lindsey’s love of colour and texture, and the evocation of mood and atmosphere, are an important part of her work. Materials often take on a life of their own, and can be the inspiration of a piece of work as easily as something visual. Her preferred medium is ‘Nuno’ felt, which is a combination of wool and fabric. Fabric designs (created from photographs and sketches) are printed onto silk and then incorporated into Lindsey’s artwork and 3D pieces, giving them a feeling of unity. Wool, fabrics and fibres are used like paint to build up layers of colour and texture, with graphic detail added later. With this experimental approach, and stimulated by the challenge of combining different media and technologies, Lindsey pushes the boundaries in creating a variety of home and fashion accessories, from scarves and felt ‘pebbles’ to felt pictures and artworks.