Jeanette Sendler

Business name: Hat in the Cat and Big Cat Textiles
Jeanette Sendler came to Scotland from Germany in the 1980s and has played an active role as a textile artist ever since. Trained as a ladies’ tailor and a theatrical costume designer she was intrigued by felt making as an expressive medium, and went on to employ it in a series of large scale conceptual pieces which were exhibited internationally. She developed her feltmaking skills further, through her remarkable teaching across Scotland, employing the wonderfully expressive and accessible characteristics of the medium through a series of unique and innovative residencies and workshops. During a number of visits to the Shetland Islands she taught herself machine knitting and began to knit large free form ‘webs’ to incorporate into her felt work. Since then she has developed a combination of fine and chunky structures which she felts into wall hangings as well as into a range of clothing and headpieces, producing work with a truly graphic quality, reminiscent of the island’s rocky terrain. One of these residencies brought her to Newburgh in Fife where she now co-runs Big CatTextiles, a mixed media textile centre which attracts felt artists from all over the world to teach and exhibit there. Big Cat Textiles