Business name: Janine Jacques Helping nature loving mums preserve a cherished memory through bespoke fibre art landscape paintings. Landscape Fibre Artist | Painting with wool. Fibre Artist Janine Jacques has a love of nature and beautiful landscapes which began at a young age. Having grown up on a Lincolnshire farm, she kept many animals including a small flock of sheep and now her main medium of choice is wool. Janine’s work combines her training in painting with the ancient art of felt-making to celebrate and bring together the different skills of wet felting, needle felting and sewing. She uses wool to ‘paint’ with, needle felting to refine the detail, a sewing machine for a drawn line and embellishes with hand embroidery. Janine’s statement pieces are created using many different materials. Her fibre artwork is inspired by photographs of the landscapes she has visited throughout her life and travels and recorded for future inspiration. Each piece is unique, evoking memories of a past time and place. Before starting a new piece, Janine puts together a mood board from her archive. These are used to compose the felt artwork, combining elements together: a moody sky from one, a landscape from another or local flowers from another. These are put together in sketches for the final composition. There is an element of play at this point as she may decide to enlarge a foreground feature, shrink it down, push it into the background or simply take it out. The final pieces are not simply a recording of the scene but a rich and multi-layered portrayal of a colourful world of painterly mark-making, at once defying and celebrating their materials in honour of the subjects she depicts. Janine graduated from university with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art, painting and drawing. She gained a P.G.C.E. in Secondary Art Education and worked for many years in web design before returning to the studio to follow her passion in art. She now teaches felt making workshops in West Yorkshire. These can be found on her 'Events' tab on her Facebook She now lives and works in Yorkshire - within easy reach of the beautiful countryside.