Business name: Heather Potten Feltmaker
My name is Heather Potten, and I’m a felt-maker based in Edinburgh. I’ve worked with felt since 2008, and contributed to textile and home exhibitions around Scotland since 2011. I curated my first group feltmaking exhibition in 2016. I teach feltmaking in my studio in Edinburgh, as well as by invitation. I also give talks and demonstrations. I discovered felt-making in New Zealand in 2007. At my first ever workshop, a tarpaulin on the floor was spread out with every imaginable colour of hand-dyed wool tops. The textures and colours were mesmerising. I work with natural wools and silks to create wearable art; accessories to be looked at and admired. Using different wools, I experiment with colour and pattern. The versatility of the raw materials inspires me to explore new techniques, particularly in three dimensional works. I take every opportunity to learn new techniques and attend workshops wherever and whenever possible.