Galina Blazejewska

Business name: Galafilc
My name is Galina Bla┼╝ejewska, I present my works as GalaFilc. For over 20 years I live in Poland in a small town on Baltic sea coast. I graduated as physicist. I first encountered felt in 2007, it was felted scarves my friend from Sweden made. Since then felting became my hobby in after work hours. Felting allowed me creative outlet and to make things with my own hands. For the past 5 years felting became my main occupation. I make variety of things - scarves, bags, mittens, clothing and home decor - wall hangings and cushions. I am most interested in 3D items and textures, I like looking for solutions and creating pieces without stitching, connected only with fiber and felting. In my work I like recreating textures and 3D structures I see in nature and use wool, textiles, fiber and other materials and objects. I am always on the lookout for new materials and research how they interact with wool. I study nature a lot - plants and living organisms, the variety of forms, colors and textures is my inspiration. Recently I work a lot with raw un dyed wool and both sheep and alpaca fleeces to create felt fur as well as textures and design with natural colors of wool. My works have been published in Felt Fashion Magazine, in publications of an international project - Felt United. In Poland I take part in textile exhibitions.