Business name: Felta
We are not just a team, we are continuation of each other, because we are a mother and daughter, we enrich and strengthen our qualities. We are artists from different time intervals and different industries but felt united us. Acquaintance with the felt happened several years ago and this wonderful event changed our life. We are artists and felts are our ocean of space for creativity .... the variety of this material in texture and form is simply amazing, for which we fell in love with it with all our heart! First it was a search, literature, and a lot of experiments ... now we are ready to provide an individual product of the highest quality, because each person is unique! By developing experience and high technological ability of our products, combining felt with embroidery, painting, and art, we offer you our best creation, because feedback for the artist is the most important ... We are inspired by nature, which for us will always be an inexhaustible source of ideas by art, travel and, we are happy to do what we like, and give you new impressions, comfort and pleasure from acquisitions!