Emma Jackson

Business name: Silversoles
I create functional objects for the home and to wear, with surfaces that offer warmth & comfort, invite physical interaction with the materials and challenge the perception of felt. Driven by a desire to create texture and engage the senses, my work reflects my interest in haptic perception - our instinct to touch and the importance of touch to our human experience. Taking an experimental approach to the ancient craft of felt making, I explore material combinations and processes, to celebrate tactility. During my recent MA research, at Birmingham City University, I investigated the relationship between actual and perceived textures, light, translucency and opacity, culminating in an interiors collection. I am drawn to felt making by its holistic nature - the physical interaction between the materials, the process and the maker. I love the inherent tactility of the fibres, the hands on physicality of the making process, and how as felt makers we are engaging with our senses - from the feel of the fibres to the smell of the wool. The versatility of the felt making process continues to amaze me and I enjoy exploring and sharing different ways of working the huge variety of wools we are lucky to have available to us. I have been a felt maker for over twenty years now and combine running my design label, Silversoles, with teaching felt making workshops.