Business name: elfn felt
My work is inspired by my love for nature , and the colours and textures found in the landscape around me. I started Felt making in 1999 , when I lived in Switzerland . I apprenticed with artist Sophie Prieur who was making pieces for couture designers. At the time I was a painter using mix media and so was inspired by the textures I could create with felt. I went on to make wall hangings and exhibit in Switzerland and London. I was travelling the world (spending a lot of time in India) ... wanting to take my art with me I experimented with felted clothing and so it has developed from there. “I love the mystery of felt-making – the unknown of layering the wool and fibres together, almost painting with the different colours of wool and texture. After adding water and friction, it is as if it creates on its own…something else takes over, a letting go to what will be…something that cannot be undone – ‘unfelted’. "