Charlene Frischer

Business name: Bear Souls
After many years of mothering, working as a hospice nurse caring for the terminally ill and their families, I have decided to explore the inner me that has been hovering under the surface of my smile since I can remember. Life is about evolution, of the body and soul, and the body of our souls. I am at the time of my life where I am striving to create deeper meaning, and a sense of purpose; Why am I here - what is unique about me that I can express? An artist at heart, but never having had formal education. I was often ridiculed as a child - told "You are no artist" by teachers, peers and old boyfriends.. The truth is I had not found the right medium to express myself. No-one was more surprised than I when I was accepted into an exclusive Craftswomen show about 5 years ago and referred to as an 'artist' - I actually had to look behind me to see if they were talking to me or not. Exploring textiles, designing costumes, painting on silk, working with wool and felting 3 dimensional shapes is almost like making love..... it is textural, tactile, sensuous and deeply fulfilling.... Since I have now discovered these mediums - I truly believe my work will take off. I think my art is going to evolve. I have taken to exploring the more fun and whimsical side of life through the creation of my teddy bears I call Bear Souls.... These are sewn and stuffed and their faces are needle felted to create character and charm. Each on has a story, based on the many areas of my life. My deep love of animals is lending itself to helping me create creatures that are fun, a little bit silly and whimsical....... This is also evolving as we speak. Hopefully whoever comes along this journey with me will be inspired by the sweeter things in life - the humor, the whimsy, the charm, and see that I am trying to create an awareness to allow ourselves to be silly, and colorful and fun... I hope you enjoy my journey - I am sure it is going to change a lot - and I hope it inspires yours.