Business name: FELT à la main with LOVE
My name is Chantal Cardinal and I felt under the name FELT à la main with LOVE. I realized early on that my way of discovering the world is with my hands, by touching. With "le touché", I have spent a lifetime expressing myself by making everything I can starting by sewing clothes (at the age of 8), painting canvases, shaping ceramic,...building things, but my favorite, is to repurpose and transform things. Hence the ahha moment with felting. By discovering the ancient art of felting, I found a medium that will keep me busy for the rest of my life: painting with fibers, draping, sculpting, massaging the mostly wool fibers and falling in love every time with nature's renewable gift. Furthermore, connecting with local farmers to source my medium from ethically minded folks. I am instinctively drawn to this medium as I am drawn to all the patterns and textures found in nature: repetitive yet unique and magical. FELT à la main with LOVE is about making connections, literally and metaphorically, the labour of wool binding together and the relationships and artifacts created along the way. ​