Business name: AKTDesigns
I've been making my own clothes since I was a teenager. I have always had my own style and like to help others find theirs. Most recently I have become addicted to nuno felting. Four years ago I started teaching myself which has had its benefits and drawbacks. Having been a scientist, the benefits of learning on my own is that I am systematic. This has led me to discovered techniques which circumvent the labor of the pre-felt stage. Through careful data collection and analysis I've created a spread sheet which will provide me a resist pattern based on any individual body measurements. So, rather than spending time on resist calculations etc. I can spend my time in the more creative process! My goal is to make wearable garments that skew more to the practical than artistic. I fell in love with nuno felting because the entire process is creative. The journey of creation results in something you could not have imagined in the beginning. It reminds me of sculpting clay. You start with an idea but the clay and the process of creation leads you to something slightly or completely different. Always a surprise! and always (well most always) beautiful! Rather than fight, you flow. I live in the USA but grew up in Latin America. I hope some day to participate in establishing the art of felting in South America.