Cathryn Fritz

Business name: AKTDesigns
I have been making things all my life. All of them practical but artistic items. Most recently I have become addicted to felting, primarily nuno felting. I enjoy combining materials that I have used in the past into my felted pieces. My primary focus has been making items to wear. I also experiment by making felted items to meet some of my personal needs. For example, I like keeping my white wine cold. So, I created a way to felt white wine glasses. Now that I have the basic process down I am taking each glass to a new height. I enjoy felting because the process itself is creative. The journey of creation results in something you could not have imagined in the beginning. It reminds me of sculpting clay. You start with an idea but the clay and the process of creation leads you to something slightly or completely different. Always a surprise! and always (well most always) beautiful! Rather than fight, you flow. I live in the USA but grew up in Latin America. I hope some day to participate in establishing the art of felting in South America.