Carol Shaw

Since I became a member of the group approx. 13 months ago (May 2016) I have constantly been experimenting with different wools and techniques, and find the whole process of felting a continuing learning curve. My first meeting with other Region 10 members happened on the 1st April, when we met at Armley Mills, Leeds, to visit and conduct research into its history and workings in preparation for an exhibition next year. Since then we have had a workshop day and intro to the public on Open Mills Day. This project alone has fired up endless possibilities, so thanks to Linda and the other members and I will be travelling up to Knayton at the end of the month to attend my first regional meeting. I currently have work on display and for sale at Hebden Bridge Visitor Centre, 2 exhibitions lined up for later in the year and will be starting kids holiday and after school workshops in July.