Carol Mowl Beetle Felt Craft Studio

Business name: Beetlefelt Craft Workshops
My Beetlefelt Craft Workshop business has recently gone through a massive change due to me caring for my parents for the last three years, and running my business alongside. I am so grateful to be self employed and therefore flexible to be able to do this. My Mum died on 1st July last year and this put me in touch with what is really important to me. My Dad was diagnosed with dementia about five years ago. The team of freelance tutors are now mostly running their own businesses and occasional workshops for me. I worked as 'Team Leader for Art, Design and Pottery in the south area of Manchester Adult Education Service' and had a breakdown from work related stress I developed Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I worked in Adult Education for 15 years and I felt continually disappointed in the amount of physical and human resources that were wasted. I healed myself and then became a learning support assistant this job suited me well but paid shit (£30 per day) so I felt inspired to study PGCE. I taught Textile Technology for two terms and then developed BPPV Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo from the stress of the job and the standards that I set myself. The number of A*'s was very high. I am proud of this achievement but not proud that I cant hack working for anyone other that myself. Being self employed really suits me though and I am more and more feeling alien towards any institutions particularly schools. I am working towards making my life more basic and living slowly, simply and with less. As I believe this to be a more peaceful way to be. This is a contradiction when making things. It is all about the process and the journey for me and not about the product at the end. This does not fit into what industry demands. I have been totally distracted by nature and living in it, for nourishment of a earthy kind. I have spent the last 6 month making a yurt at Glens yurt factory in Manchester. I am now living in my yurt with a wood burning stove. Foraging wood from skips for the fire. I am making a compost toilet, soon I will be keeping chickens and eventually I hope to move to somewhere that I can keep a goat. I would like to sort out a solar panel and a filter for my water butt too. All in the hope of being able to live with less and barter instead of use money. I belong to street bank and use feegle and greencycle. I realise that this is a luxury to have a choice for this but that is not going to stop me from doing what I feel. I think I used to, not do things in case I looked like a cliche - well if I do so be it! I don't mind who you share this with, this is my story and my truth. If it is helpful to others to see that there are these possibilities, then all the better. I have many students -over the years- from HE working with me as apprentices and receiving private tuition. My ex-colleagues work in HE and often send students to me as well as family members too.