Sabrina Crosthwaite 2020

Title: Zoom
With the theme of kaleidoscope, I began to think what does that mean for me? 

I remember as a child looking through kaleidoscopes, the myriad of repeating images, all similar but different. While reminiscing on that swirling image with repeated elements I started to develop my work.  I also reflected that "Kaleido" derives from the Greek, meaning beautiful form. 

I decided to combine these two aspects and informed with my design knowledge began to produce my work. 

I used a subdued pallet of complementary contrasting colours to achieve a variegated repeated pattern with surprise elements that add interest and focus for the viewer. The pattern repeats at two levels. The macro-level seen from afar and the micro-level see close up. The stitching adds another texture with colour and texture variations. And this stitching is what holds this piece together as a whole.  

The title Zoom reflects the time I spent stitching this piece through Zoom chats with friends, family and fellow feltmakers that kept me connected with people while staying isolated. Another Kaleidoscope experience.  

Materials and Techniques 
Needle felt & wool yarn; hand-stitched then felted 

Click each image below to enlarge the artwork