Reena Curphey 2020

Title: Freedom, 2020
We all sense life through different visions and feelings. A kaleidoscope is used to do the same – we all look at the similar surroundings, but see completely different images and visions.  

 During the cold and dark winter months, I was inspired by visions of springtime with its feelings of freshness and lush greenery.  It is the time when everything starts its new life cycle and it gives you so much hope for new beginnings. When I am surrounded by these visions, I feel the utmost freedom.  

After completing this work, I realised to my surprise that I have been surrounded by these images every springtime. Nature around us changes constantly and we need to stop more often to sense it and live in the moment. 

Materials and Techniques
Wet felting, extra-fine merino wool, plant fiber – silk, flax, hemp, ramie 

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