Anne Williams 2020

Artwork 1:  Moorish geometric pattern 

The Moorish tiles remind me of the patterns you see through a Kaleidoscope. I attended a residency last year in Coimbra, Portugal and was keen to recreate the patterns in felt, the challenge was to reproduce it through gentle wet felting to keep the intricate shapes.

Materials and Techniques

Wet felted

Artwork 2: Green Sea Turtle.

The camouflage pattern of the sea turtle is fascinating, the shell symmetrical, with individual patterns within the plates. A challenge for me having only needle felted a few sheep in the past!

Materials and Techniques

Merino and Lleyn wool needle felted

Artwork 3: A Kaleidoscope of Colour

 A fun experiment using colour and shape.

Materials and Techniques

Merino wool, wet felted

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