Lena Archbold 2020

Artwork 1: Many aspects dress with a Mexican twist
When I was a child I had a kaleidoscope which was blue / grey colours outside and looked ordinary till you look into a little window and discover many moving shapes depending which angle to turn and many vibrant colours. Looking at the blue side of the dress, you can see a sneak pick of vibrant colours and shapes. When stepping up inside of the dress and see all the shapes and colours and all these shapes keep moving when wearing the dress while walking. This dress also changes shapes just like kaleidoscope as can be styled in many ways and it is reversible.   

Materials and Techniques
Different pieces of silk, such as Margilan Rarefied, Chiffon, Margilan Excelsior, Margilan Organza, Extra fine merino wool, sequences. 

Artwork 2: Candy Floss Dress turning into a poncho 
Geometrical patterns created with multicoloured silks, vibrant colours and sequences, changing shapes and a surprise when dress to be converted into a poncho. This item is multi-functional and can be styled and worn in different ways.

Materials and Techniques.
Super fine Merino Wool, Various silks, sequences
Silk Throwers

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