Janna Turner

Artwork 1: 2D Farm Kaleidoscope

My Farming life represented as a kaleidoscope during lockdown 


Materials and Techniques. 

Wet and Needle felted, Pollsworth, coloured batts and Merino wool. 


Artwork 2: 3D vessel Farm kaleidoscope. 

Researching techniques with vessels incorporating my farm life as a kaleidoscope during lockdown. 


Materials and Techniques

Wet felted Pollsworth and Marshham with a Kozo, paper, silk paint.


Artwork 3: Foxglove and Bee vessel

Kaleidoscope representing colour through flowers with 3D needle felted Bees to create dept and clarity.


Materials and Techniques 

Wet felted and needle felted. Dyed fibres and Marsham curls and dyed batts



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