Dagmar Binder 2020

Artwork 1:  Gathering, 2019 
Much of my work is inspired by natural structures. This composition of a large number of scales or gills invites the eye to follow the lines round and round, suggests a rhythmic motion, a kind of restless activity in the crowd. 

Materials and Techniques  
Merino wool, silk, wet felted

Artwork 2: Close-up, 2020 
Inspired by microscopic views of plant tissue, this piece shows my fascination with the amazing architecture of nature and the imperfect implied in perfection. Installed at some distance to the wall it will interact with the light and cast shadows. 

The structure is kind of regularly arranged around the centre, resembling the picture in a kaleidoscope, but still, each repeated segment is very individual.

Materials and Techniques  
Merino wool,  silk, acrylic binder 

Artwork 3: Tipping point, 2019
This work refers to the dramatic death of coral reefs as an example of the ongoing loss of natural habitats, of beauty and diversity. A reminder to us humans that we are part of the ecosystem and need to protect the one and only planet we have.

Materials and Techniques  
Merino wool, silk

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