Christine Lyle 2020

Artwork 1: Surfacing

I came across a quote from a dream dictionary that defined Kaleidoscope as ‘symbolising escape from times of difficulty and self-doubt’. The fishes are rising towards the light at the surface, placing the viewer under the water looking up from the depths. The colours and image play with viewers’ eyes, moving between positive and negative shapes and upper and lower levels.  

I relate this to feelings of ‘surfacing’ from months of lockdown, social isolation, and doubt from the Covid 19 pandemic.  The fishes swim in a 6 point pattern that is found in kaleidoscope toys but I wanted an organic symmetry with potential movement rather than perfect symmetry. Fishes are instinctive and will quickly return to the depths if they sense any threat. We have yet to see if we will need to surface, submerge and resurface but I’m hopeful we will find a way forward.  

As a fairly new felt maker, I really enjoy the tactile qualities of felt, the wavy edges and the literal feel of the surface. 

Materials and Techniques

Wet felting, Merino wool, silks, Angelina fibers, Soybean silk. 

Artwork 2: Sunrise at New Year – Kaleidoscope of Life

Created in a wet felting workshop run by Penny Dixon in December 2019.  My inspiration was the New Year to come and the kaleidoscope of colours you can find in sunrises and in the felting studio. I love how the multi-colored sari silk blends into the sky and the silk waste creates a textural shimmer in the centre. I have drawn and painted for many years but felting allows me to capture the essence of the scene, it takes me a step further into the feel of things, the kaleidoscope of life. 

Materials and Techniques

Merino wool and silk wet felted using bamboo and bubble wrap.


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