You are currently viewing IFA FELT SWAP 2023

Felt connects, let’s swap again!

The fourth IFA felt swap is organized for 2023.
In all of the previous times more than 100 IFA members have participated, which is a great result.
I hope for many participants this time as well. After all, swapping your felt work is a fun way to connect with another IFA member.

Following Light, Weave and Structure, the theme of this year’s felt swap is BROOCH.

When making a brooch, you can use many techniques. Wet felting, dry felting and all kinds of ways to make your felt exciting. The size of the brooch is up to you. Whether you are a beginner or more experienced, you are welcome to join. The main thing is to make something with care and send it to the felt maker you are paired with within the time allotted. The concept of the swap is simple: Make a piece of felt, according to the theme. Send it to your swap partner and you will receive a piece of felt from the person you swap with.

Would you like to apply? Please send an email to before 1 August 2023.


Henny van Tussenbroek, International Officer