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Felt connects, let’s swap again!

2020’s felt swap on the theme of Light was so successful, we have decided to run another one this year.

2021’s theme is Weave and here’s how the swap works:


When you join the swap, you commit to make, with care and attention, a piece of felt and send it in the month agreed upon beforehand.  Whether experienced or less experienced, every IFA feltmaker can join in.

The felt

The main point of the swap is to make, share and have fun!

For practical reasons, we keep the minimum size of the felt to A5, so that’s (5.8 x 8.3 inches or 14.8 x 21 cm). If you want to make a bigger piece of felt, that’s ok. Some like to work on a small scale, some bigger. Make whatever you want…as long as you don’t expect the other swapper to make and send something large as well.

So, remember, the A5 size is the minimum and the felt needs to relate to the theme.

Theme | Weave

The theme for this year’s swap is Weave. Feel free to interpret it any way you like. Just to give you an idea, think about the technique of weaving and try making felt in the same way by weaving pieces together. Or how about weaving other materials into your felt. And, of course, you can weave your memories into your felt…


The swap is organised by Henny van Tussenbroek, our Vice chair. If you would like to join in, send her an email via our Contact Form before October 2021. The actual swapping will take place later this year.

We need your permission to send your name, email address and home address to the feltmaker you swap with. If you can’t send your felt in time, you need to contact your swap-partner. Although we are organizing this swap, we can’t take responsibility for people not sending their felt in the agreed month.

So that’s it! Make a piece of felt, according to the theme. Send it to your swap partner and enjoy receiving a piece of felt in return. Felt connects!