Carol Dash – 2024

Carol Dash


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Artwork 1 Title:  Mask off!


Materials and Techniques: Wet felted mask made with mulberry paper and superfine merino, stiffened and shaped whilst damp. Cyanotype printed with ferns, fabric painted and hand stitched. Hung with ribbon. 


“Hats off” to me symbolizes the graduation ceremony enjoyed by many students at the end of their degree course. But for some it’s a time of discovery and understanding of who and what they are. “Mask off” relates to a realization that we are all different and that for some neurodivergence can make such achievements in life even harder. Constant “masking” in social situations must be exhausting. Only in private can “masks off” truly happen. 

Carol Dash
Mask Off! Image 1
Carol Dash
Mask Off! Image 2