Answering your questions about CiFT and DF

CiFT is a self-learning syllabus of feltmaking techniques. CiFT has 3 learning modules and a final project module, each focussing on different techniques. 

Discovering Feltmaking is a growing series of online courses teaching feltmaking techniques. It is organised around the CiFT syllabus.

CiFT is a syllabus of self-learning feltmaking techniques which is supported by the Discovering Feltmaking online courses. 

Currently we have DF1 and DF2 online. DF3 will be available by the end of 2021 and more will follow. These follow the organisation of work in each module. DF1 – 3 will help you complete Module 1 of CiFT.

No. You can choose to do whichever of the DF courses you like and in any order. However, if you want to follow the CiFT syllabus, it is useful to do them in sequence.

Each of the DF courses is interactive, taught through an online classroom called Ruzuku. This includes online words and pictures, downloadable pdfs and daily interactive student and mentor opportunities. The courses and mentoring run for a given period of time. However, you have access to the course materials for several months afterwards.

Although your early samples when starting DF may not be good enough to offer for assessment, after some practice you will soon have a suitable range of work to submit.

You can do CiFT completely by yourself using books and workshops you choose to help you. You then submit your work to the CiFT coordinator for assessment and feedback.

Work created and submitted for the CiFT is assessed. A certificate is issued on completion of each module.

The Discovering Feltmaking coursework is not assessed. However, you do receive regular online feedback.