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Video Tutorial DAHLIA

11th June 2023 - 11th June 2026


Video Tutorial Dahlia
Wet Felting
Language: English
Instant download, you can felt it anytime

– In this video tutorial I show and explain how to make the Dahlia pillow. Beginners can easily felt this pillow thanks to the detailed step-by-step videos. Advanced users will learn the dahlia technique, which you can use not only in a pillow, but also in other felt objects such as lamps, bags, wall decorations, etc.

– You will learn what you have to make so, that the dahlia segments are sharp and exactly, and I will tell you tipps and tricks, for example how to visibly define the cutting lines of the segments in the wet felt without having to mark them.

– You can see all the stages of felting and the tools I use.

– The video tutorial takes 3.5 hours and is divided into 17 chapters. Each chapter is between 6 and 20 minutes.

– The video camera is positioned at the top parallel to the worktable, which means that you see everything as if you were standing at the table and felting it yourself.

– As a bonus, you get an extra video about the pillow Magnolia, which is made using the same technique as the pillow Dahlia.

– The video tutorial is available in my Etsy shop