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Lisa Klakulak’s workshop: Sculpting Hollow Felt Forms

4 September - 8 September


In this 5-day in person workshop learn technique for layout/wrapping of various 2D resist template shapes in a consistent thinness of wool fiber while simultaneously integrating distinct areas of denser layout and partial felt shapes to explore differences of shrinkage as a means of sculpting surface relief and hollow form. In addition to raising form and varying the shrinkage of the form’s wall, applying perimetral fulling of the incorporated partial felt allows one to alter the surface to achieve deeply concave and protuberant curves while sculpting forms previously unimaginable. Participants will make partial felt in varying thicknesses and states of structural integrity to cut and apply in their fiber layout.

Students will focus on raising a form from a single 2-D plane, sculpting various hollow forms from a circular template, and expand possibilities through various template shapes while exploring 3-D partial felts! Proper fulling, the thickness of the vessel’s wall in relationship to its surface area and interior volume and the amount of and placement of denser areas of partial felt as structural support will determine the forms integrity. Hand stitched structural ribbing, steam blocking and shellac stiffening can then be applied to further refine the forms posture and presence.


Double Island Studio
2459 Double Island Rd
Green Mountain,NC28740United States
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