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IRT DULMAN spring 2023 France 5 days class botanical printing on CELLULOSE FABRICS, SILK and WOOL (40h internship)

9th June 2023 - 13th June 2023

In the first part of this class I will teach the fundamental aspects in botanical prints on celulose fibers and silk-Mordant and printing. I will teach you how to mordant your fabrics in an innovative way that will allow you to use the mordant as a creative tool and to obtain different results according to your wish. I will teach how to bundle in different ways to obtain clear and sharp print on the natural background and on dyed backgrounds with different tanins. After you practice the fundamental you will be ready to add more fun to the work by using different natural dyes. This will expend the results that could be achieved from plants. You will learn how to achieve discharge effect and how to blend the solid color obtained in the dye pot with the colors that you get from the plants while printing them. We will work with natural dyeing such as : weld (Reseda) for yellows, Madder for reds, logwood for purples, cochineal for fuchsia and Indigo for blues. Then, I will teach the fundamental aspect in botanical print for silk. I will teach how to print on silk without any mordant, I will teach you how to mordant silk and how to bundle it for printing. We will have several natural dyes and you can experiment dyeing the silk and print on top of it. This techniques for silk will achieve very colorful results. In the second part You will learn what plants can be printed on wool with no mordants. We will explore several techniques to achieve clear and colorful results and other technique that will allow more wild and abstract results. Students will learn about different Tanins, how to use them and what shades and colors could be obtain from them Wool is a very sensitive material and most close to human hair. In botanical printing it is better to keep techniques simple especially regarding mordants. Students will learn how to bundle in different techniques


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