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FACES OF EXTINCTION (ANIMAL MASKS) SEPTEMBER 22 to 29, 2024 in Montbrun Bocage South of France GLADYS PAULUS

22 September - 29 September


During this technical master class, you will learn how to calculate, design and create a base resist template which will become the starting point for an animal mask that aims to be as realistic as possible. A wide variety of animals may be created, with a corresponding wide range of techniques, including textural and sculptural effects, the application of fur and hair, fins, horns and more.

Participants in this master class will learn how to achieve facial symmetry, experiment with different types of protrusions and colour, how to build up features and markings and create plumage/fur/hair, how to assemble all the 3-dimensional parts together, how to achieve concave and convex planes, and how to sculpt and shape the felt into a coherent animal form. You will be guided through the techniques step by step, and will benefit from the wide variety of animals created (and wide variety of techniques used) by your student cohorts. Learning is supported through practical demonstrations, regular and in-depth one-to-one consultations and practical help, handouts and illustrated explanations.

You need to come prepared for hard work as well as plenty of fun (!), and are expected to bring inspirational photographs and sketches, samples, ready-prepared elements (if appropriate), ready-made signage and appropriate clothing for the photography session.


Feutre Formation France
lieu dit la couech
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