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Extra dates! Felt and the Found Object object By Anita Larkin Johnson

14 September


Anita will lead students in learning practical ways of making sculptural assemblages from their found objects. Students will use effective hand-tool methods, cutting, modelling, screwing, wiring, and riveting things together, as they look at ways that narrative can evolve from joining disparate objects together. Skills in using the Dremel and modelling materials to make seamless joins between objects will be shared. The workshop follows on from this object assemblage to explore various methods of felting around parts of the sculpture. Anita will share different ways to accommodate the migration of the fibres around a solid object, thereby achieving a felt skin of integrity around it. A pleasing contrast of hard materials against the softness of the felt can be observed when parts of the object are left to protrude, or an object may be left entirely enshrouded in its felt skin. The class will discuss how sculptural assemblage of found objects and the incorporation of felt around sections of them, can lead to unexpected and emotive narratives in artworks.


Studio Vrouw Wolle
Kapelstraat 81
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