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3D Honeycomb Vessel

6th January 2024 - 6th January 2025


Wet Felting PDF-Tutorail
Language: English
2 PDF files: one PDF file consists of 45 pages, 55 large photos in A5 format, so you can see everything in detail. The other PDF file consists of 16 pages, 55 small photos, so you can have a compact overview of everything and print it conveniently.

– This is a step-by-step PDF tutorial that shows and explains how to felt this 3D honeycomb vessel.
– You will get exact measurements for the templates and resists to make this 3D object.
– I show how to get this honeycomb structure, how many resists you need and exactly how to lay them.
– I explain what is important, give tips. You learn what you need to pay attention to, so that the honeycombs stand at the end and remail in this shape forever.
– If you put a glass vase in the neck of the vessel, then you can use this object not only for dried flowers, but also for the fresh flowers.
– This tutorial is suitable for both beginners and advanced feltmakers who are looking for an interesting new idea. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.