Gain a better understanding of wet feltmaking…with the IFA

Discovering Feltmaking Course 2

This second course has been developed to show you how to use coloured wool creatively to enhance your feltmaking. Coloured wool in feltmaking can be compared to the artist’s palette. Just as a painter would choose the type of paint and method of application to achieve the effect required, then the feltmaker must make similar choices with wool.

Using only 3 primary colours and black and white you will learn how to expand your colour palette and add colour to the surface of your felt in a variety of ways. DF2 will also provide the second set of skills required for any student wishing to embark on CiFT.

About the course

The workshop is delivered step by step on screen and also as downloadable or printable pdfs through Ruzuku. You can work at your own pace and use the online group forum to ask the co-ordinator any questions you may have. If other students are doing the course at the same time you can join in with the group discussions.

The course runs several times a year, with a period of access to the online material. 

How to book

Each course costs $48 and is booked through Ruzuku. Please click on the appropriate button below to book. The price equates to approximately £35 or €40 but is dependent on the exchange rate.


2021 Course Dates


  • Enrolment opens 1 May 2021
  • Coursework access begins May 11 and ends 30 June 2021
  • Future courses:  October/November

Need materials for the course?

If you do not have materials for your chosen course, you may purchase a fibre pack from us.

Register an interest

If you would like the opportunity to participate but the next course is not for several weeks, please use the form below to register interest. If enough people do this at the same time there is a possibility for an extra course can be set in motion for you.