For some years now, Dyeing House Gallery (DHG) have generously been offering our members a 10% discount for their shop. But how much do you know about this small but hugely ambitious independent textile business?

The DHG team: “We are always growing, because we never run out of ideas and there is always someone who’s willing to be part of this adventure.”

Dyeing House Gallery was born in 2008 in the Italian city of Prato. They joined forces with the dyeing plant, Gruppo Colle (established in 1952). This created a union between the place where the colours are born and the gallery where art is made. Today, 150 wool colours later, DHG is a solid reality with distributors, retailers and above all friends and clients all over the world. If you want to learn more about the people behind the business, look no further than the DHG website: About Us.

Not only does the company have the most incredible selection of fibres for every style of feltmaker, but they also have a generous library of tutorials and inspirational articles for anyone looking for new ideas and methods.

The 10% discount is available to IFA members only and the code is: DHGlovesIFA24.

Valid from January 1st till December 31st 2024, the discount code needs to be used when placing the order (no minimum order required). Once invoices are issued (and DHG have paid taxes based on them) DHG cannot change them.

To place an order with DHG, visit the shop. Many thanks to all at DHG for supporting our members at the International Feltmaking Association.