Pricing & Registration

The rates for CiFT are as follows:

  • Registration: £50.00 (payable on registration) to receive the syllabus.
  • Portfolio assessment: £25.00 (payable on completion of each module of the portfolio of work prior to assessment) 3 modules @ £25.00 – total £75.00
  • Project assessment: £35.00 (payable on completion of project prior to assessment)

To register, please use the CiFT Registration form. If you are not a member but want to register for IFA CiFT (Foundation), you will need to join the IFA first. By registering for CiFT you are agreeing to accept and fully comply with the Terms and Conditions. Please read these carefully. The IFA reserves the right to cancel your registration should you fail to abide by them.

To pay, via PayPal or debit/credit card, click on CIFT ONLINE

You can also pay by bank transfer.  Please email for bank details.