Vivienne Morpeth

Instagram: @Vivienne_Morpeth_ 

Artwork 1 
A Coat of Confluences

Felted and constructed for this exhibition as this year I have reconnected with raw fleece from the sheep and worked this into my love of practical wearable handfelted and Nuno felted clothes

Materials and Techniques
Raw Portland, Raw Shetland, Merino, blue face Leicester, viscose, silk fabrics, felted from raw wool, merino and Nuno felted panels, all hand-rolled felted, cut free hand and machine stitched constructed to create a coat.
Artwork size in CM: Width 1.5m ….……… Length 2 m .……… Depth 5-10 cm


Artwork 2 
Wensleydale shawl

I was lucky enough to acquire several Wensleydale fleece this summer and have since reconnected to raw wool, the feel, the handle, the locks, this shawl is reversible and is warmest when the open locks reconnect to the wearers body.

Materials and Techniques
Felted from part of a whole raw Wensleydale fleece, washed, hand-dyed and hand-rolled and felted with merino wool underlayer, reversible.
Artwork size in CM: Width…35cm.……… Length……1 m …… Depth……5 cm


Artwork 3 
Blue Nuno Wrap

Creative thinking during lockdowns has been hard, hard to focus, hard to be motivated and hard to balance ideas with expertise, this is one of a series of wraps I made to reconnect myself to my pre-Covid Nuno practice.

Materials and Techniques
Merino 21 micron finely hand felted into hand-dyed silks with hand dye locks, prefelted pebbles, viscose
Artwork size in CM: Width…80cm……… Length 1.5 m … Depth…1 cm