Artist 67


Artwork 1 Title. 


Materials and Techniques:
Embellished nuno felt
Base: wet felted merino with flexible resists under habotai silk. Incorporating synthetic organza, wool yarn, silk threads, sari ribbon
Embellished with machine and hand embroidery, shells, beads and repurposed costume jewellery.
Two halves connected by paper covered wire
Mounted on cm thick foam board to give shadow
Artwork size in CM: Width 80cm Length 80cm Depth 1.5cm


Inspiration / how this work links to the exhibition's theme 
Taijitu is the term for the Chinese symbol for yin and yang – also the symbol of Taoism.  It is widely used as a concept for opposites existing in harmony or in philosophy to show that all that might seem as ‘one’ must have a part of the ‘other’.
In my interpretation, I drew on my own history to represent a fragmented personality becoming whole as the two halves begin to move towards one another and become reintegrated into one. Re-Connected. A whole person. Neither half is entirely right or wrong, light or shadow, colour or monochrome – each half contains wonder, mystery and elements of ‘other’.