Artist 57


Artwork 1 Title.
Bigger Below.

Materials and Techniques.
Bergschaf., Norwegian and Merino wools, silver Sashiko thread,  oak twigs. The main body was made over a circular resist with an added resist around the centre, The lid, tree and `root` were felted separately. The finished piece was stitched with silver thread and twigs stitched into place.  
Artwork size in CM: Width      18cm… Length  19cm……… Depth   18cm

Inspiration / how this work links to the exhibition  
Walking in local woodlands, I am aware that there is so much more below me than above, even in the largest and oldest of oaks. I was drawn to represent this unseen connection between the tree, its roots in the soil and the myriad of threads that spread out beneath my feet. Wouldn`t it be amazing to look into this world? In this 3D piece you can; remove the lid and reconnect to the world below.