Artist 55


Artwork 1 Title

Materials and Techniques.
Wet felted, rainbow dyed , merino fibres
Artwork size in CM: Width…22cm…… Length…28cm.

Inspiration / how this work links to the exhibition
The theme Reconnect inspired me to reaffirm my love for feltmaking by connecting it to my love of here I present a 7 strand rainbow coloured necklace; the 7 colours of the rainbow match the 7 colours of the main chakras, the 7 knots representing the chakras, to wear on the yoga mat, with an 8 petal ‘lotus’ flower to gaze upon, 8 petals for the 8 limbs of yoga from the Patanjali,( father of yoga)Yoga Sutra’s...sutra meaning thread......whilst holding a rainbow ball for focus, grounding and meditation on union (=yoga} and (re) connect's theme