Artist 53


Artwork 1 Title
King Winter

Materials and Techniques.
Needle felted wool, core wool on armature, goat locks, and Paradise Fibers, Tree of Youth merino/cashmere/silk blend.
Artwork size in CM: Width 18 cm with cape ……… Length…25.5 cm Depth…..5 cm

Inspiration / how this work links to the exhibition's theme

Winter is the magical time, after the holidays but before the spring melt, where snowy days are unexpected delight in the life of a child. Reconnect to the childlike wonder during the winter
season. King Winter is a Waldorf-inspired doll, the hero of the German folktale about winter. King Winter and his servant Jack Frost visit houses to leave snow flakes and window frost.


Artwork 2 Title.

Materials and Techniques.
Wet felted vase of Gotland wool. Needle felted leaves made of Corriedale.
Artwork size in CM: Width 29 cm Length…22cm Depth 23 cm

Inspiration / how this work links to the exhibition's theme
When I was young mother I had no time for houseplants. Then the child grew up, left home; and the treasured cat died. I began to reconnect with other simpler forms of life, house plants. House plants feed the home, make it cozy, and are living things to fuss over. Plants connect one to nature when the outdoors is frozen. Plants mark time by growing and changing. The remind us to adapt and change as well.