Karen Lane


Facebook: @karenlanefibreart
Instagram: @lincsinstitches

Artwork 1 

During the first lockdown, and being unable to travel, I got to thinking back to a trip to Ullapool which I made a few years ago to attend a textile workshop. The workshop was called “A Sea of Stitches” and I still have a box of treasures that were picked up off the beach, stones, shells, etc. and the samples, felted and stitched, which I made while I was there, inspired by the coastline. I thought it would be nice to “reconnect” with this time and place and use the memories and souvenirs I collected to inform a new piece of work. The result is my Rockpool.

Shells and stones collected from Ullapool beach, Bergschaf fibres, embroidery threads, mulberry fibre & paper.

Techniques: Wet felting (including resists), needle felting, Shibori, hand stitch and embroidery.
Artwork size in CM: Width: 40cm Length: 47cm Depth: 5cm


Artwork 2 

The one positive thing I got from the first lockdown was having the time to reconnect with nature and begin to really take notice of the little things that would normally be taken for granted. This piece was inspired by the beautiful lacy shadows cast from trees seen while walking the Viking Way in early lockdown. I used these as a starting point for an abstract wet felted Wallhanging. My work is very tactile and textural and the more I stitched the more I felt a connection with the trees that had originally cast the shadows.

23micron Merino, Viscose fibres, hand spun yarn, embroidery threads, tapestry yarn, machine threads

Wet felting, couching, machine and hand embroidery
Artwork size in CM: Width: 42cm Length: 59cm Depth: 7cm