Jill Lauriston


“We are about to touch ….and then we remember we are not allowed to do that anymore Hat”

The hat symbolises the physical disconnection between us all at the moment but shows that we can still connect, albeit mostly wirelessly, and light up the world until such time as we can be together again. 

Materials and Techniques:
I’ve made a hat because hats is what I do. It is made out of wet felted merino wool using a single plastic template incorporating two integral extensions to form hollow electric “cables”. After removal from the template the hat was blocked, trimmed and dried.  I then inserted coloured felt “wires” with a core of gold metallic trilobal nylon fibres into the ends of the hollow red and black cables, and a string of tiny LED lights shielded by white felt runs between the ends of the broken cables.  These are powered by a tiny battery pack tucked inside the base of the red “cable”. The jagged edge of the brim is also symbolic of an electric current. As with most things you buy these days, the hat has no instructions for use other than graphic images on how to Re-Connect: red and black jagged arrows embedded in the crown indicate how to (tools not supplied!)  

Artwork size in CM:   Width……25cm  Length (ie height)…35cm……Depth…35cm……..