Jan Hoyle


Instagram: @Purlbag

Artwork 1 
Reconnect to Hope : From Darkness to Light. Hope is seeing light in spite of being surrounded by darkness.

The colours represent the transition from darkness to light and our reconnection to hope. The gold thread in the middle represents the thread of hope that was present even in the darkest of times, as were the pinpricks of light that the metallic seed stitches symbolise. The text is synomynous with the colour that it is stitched on and the feelings and things associated with that colour and time. The words become more optimistic and positive as the work moves into the light.

Materials and Techniques
Wet felted merino wool with added silk and lace.  Seed stitch and embroidered text has been added. The piece has been softly folded and mounted in a wooden box made from reclaimed timber.
Artwork size in CM: Width……18…… Length……101.5….… Depth……6.5


Artwork 2 
From Darkness to Light. Landscape.

This is the second piece in the series and continues the theme of the previous one but is represented by a landscape. The image is of a scene based on my local landscape with the dark gritstone in the foreground moving to the light of the limestone scenery in the distance. This symbolises the move into light with gold ‘dust’ of the seed stitch representing the hope that filters through from the darkness.

Materials and Techniques.
Wet felted merino wool with silk, lace and tweed fabric added before felting. Some needle felting to add the distant trees and embellished lace for the trees  in the foreground. Seed stitch in metallic thread was added for the ‘dust’


Artwork 3 
Into the Light

This is the third piece of the series and is a more abstract representation of light and hope  using a collage technique and shimmering fibres to enhance the depiction of light and hope.

Materials and Techniques.
Wet felted merino wool and silk paper with added stitch and needle felt.
Artwork size in CM: Width…8.5… Length……16