Jaimee Miceli


Artwork 1

Reconnect with the SPirits of Loved Ones Past

A hand and butterfly to represent reconnecting with loved ones passed. After losing my own Mum this felt like a really therapeutic way to deal with the ever-present grief. 

Materials and Techniques:

Needlefelted over a wire armeture. 

Artwork size in CM: 10 x 5 x 5 

Artwork 2

The White Hare and The Bees. 

Based on the folk tale 'White Hare and the Bees' with my own spin on the story. I believe that the telling of folktales is a fantastic way to reconnect us with our  ancestors and a time now passed. The White Hare and The Bees is a story of love and compassion and the magical transformation that can happen when those are combined. I added 13 bees to symbolise the yearly moon phases all adorned with a set of tiny wings (approx. 3mm). 

Materials and Techniques:

Needlefelted, with plastic wings on a wooden plinth. 

Artwork size in CM: 4 x 24 x 4