Irene Thorsrud Eik


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Artwork 1
Animated Anemones

The “Animated Anemones” were created as a tribute to the extraordinary and beautiful life in the ocean, so crucial for our human existence. The ocean produces half of the world’s oxygen, absorbs carbon dioxide, regulates our climate and provides food. Yet, it is threatened by masses of trash and pollutants, generated by human activity. I hope the pandemic somehow will help us reconnect to nature and make us appreciate what a wonderful and essential gift it is - an awareness that could enable us to restore the wellbeing of vital ecosystems before it is too late.

Materials and Techniques:
Norwegian wool (C1), merino wool, wet-felted and stiffened
Artwork size in CM: Width: 35 (all 3)  Length: 76, 66, 58 (height)  Depth: 40 (all 3)  


Artwork 2

The object “Entangled” carries its structure by cords intertwining with numerous connections and reconnections, like a community growing stronger when uniting. If anything, the pandemic has demonstrated how vulnerable we are when subject to something outside our control. All around the globe we are facing the same threat, no matter rich or poor. Long lasting, repeated lockdowns and restrictions to social contact have been challenging for us all, but even more so for people living alone, for the lonely and for exposed groups. “Entangled” also tries to visualize my concern for them.

Materials and Techniques:
Norwegian wool (C1), merino wool, wet-felted 
Artwork size in CM: Width: 33    Length: 50    Depth: 24