Gunnlaug Ribe


Artwork 1 

In these Covid-19-times, our relationships with pets have been very important for many people, - also for me. During New Years Eve, our almost one year old cat went out in the early afternoon as usual. We wanted to bring him inside long before midnight, but unfortunately some people started with firework very early and we couldn’t find our cat. Not in the evening, not at night and not the day after, - even though we went around in the neighborhood calling for him, again and again. Late in the evening on New Years Day, I finally found a very anxious little cat in a shed not far from our home. The owner and the cat were happily reunited. Our lives with pets are maybe more important than ever in these Covid-19-times.

Materials and Techniques
Nunofelt with hand-dyed pongè-silk and merino wool. Application with the same material and some coloured natural wool-fibers as decoration.……
Artwork size in CM: Size 40/42  Width  80cm   Length  88cm   Depth   25cm


Artwork 2 
Spring is coming 

For many months, I have wanted to make a dress for my granddaughter. I had hand-dyed silk fibers with indigo some time ago. Suddenly, I realized that it could go nice together with the nuno-felted white material. The light blue colour together with white are the cold winter colours where I live in Norway. A lack of social life has also made it a colour for life in general, due to Covid-19, but the flowers and the bees are symbols of hope!  In a few months, spring will come and maybe also the vaccine will make it possible for us to reconnect with normal life, - It will be time to meet and hug again (especially my grandchildren) - but we are still a bit uncertain - therefore the ice-blue flowers and bees.

Materials and Techniques:
Nunofelted dress (4-5 years size) made from cotton gas, merino wool and with silk fibers hand-dyed with indigo-blue. The block-prints are made with blue lanasyn-colours. Artwork size in CM: Width 55cm    Length  62cm     Depth  20cm