Ann Baseden


Past Present and Future

Initial thoughts ran along the lines of the connecting stitches in garment construction, and the more obvious stitches connecting inserted lace and tapes.  A chance viewing of one of my husband's photographs of the Scissor Arch holding up the tower in Wells Cathedral brought my attention to connections with the past and the future; and the design of the piece was based on that photograph, incorporating the initial idea of reconnection by insertion stitches.  The whimsical mask was added to bring a little humour to the piece - the shape of an arch which could be seen in the distance in the photograph made me think of the masks we have to wear at the moment.

Materials and Techniques.
Pre-felted merino tops, metal mesh fabric, hand-dyed black/grey silk yarn, various goldwork yarns. 
Width…12.5 cm        Length…25 cm         Depth…3cm