Nadja (Nadia) Rein


Artwork 1 Title:  Meadow Bloom


Materials and Techniques:

Brown and a lush lichen green merino wool foundation is adorned with delicate viscose fibres in soft shades of green, accented with hints of gold with additional embellishment from fibre paper. The hat was meticulously shaped starting from using the book template technique, and then playing with shapes on a mannequin. 



"Meadow Bloom," a hat that embodies the essence of a flourishing meadow and invites its owner to cultivate their own garden of expression. 


Its versatile shape allows several ways to wear this hat plus it allows for various flower decorations, inviting individuals to convey their inner selves or simply harmonise with their attire. The colour palette is vibrant yet subtle, reminiscent of the natural world's beauty.


Let this creation be a reminder that within every individual lies a garden of untold stories, waiting to bloom and flourish.

Nadia Rein
Nadia Rein
Hat front
Nadia Rein
Nadia Rein
Hat back