It’s All Right


The climate change is at the base of my inspiration. It is a problem that involves and frightens all of us. So, I tried to give an ironic yet direct view of what I see. Although everything is up side down, the little sheep are coming already in different colours (practical but scary), the clouds are where the flowers are supposed to be (and so the clouds), I tried to keep a cheerful view of the issue.


The materials used for this art work is Merino Wool, Wool Locks, Silk and Glass Beads.

The technique used is classic felt for the base. The flowers on top are needle felted incorporated at the end of the felting process. The clouds are pre felted and incorporated during the felting process. The silk border is also incorporated during the felting process. The head and legs of the little sheep are needle felted. I have sewed the glass beads eyes with a transparent thread. For the body I have felted the wool locks with a bit of merino wool to give a bit of structure and needle felted in the landscape. The legs and head are sewed with a transparent thread.

I create also a cut on measure wooden structure to give the depth effect.

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Its All Right - Loriana Scarnicchia