First, I created a needle felt structure for the tree branch mixing three different colours of merino wool and wrapped around the row fibres of the vase. The flowers are pre-felted. I have wrapped around aluminium balls fine merino wool alternated with muslin and silk and cut it in half. The process is partially completed as I wanted the fibres to be able to detach in terms to create the effect of petals and also to let them attach to the branch during the felting process. A pre-felted leaf and pistil are adjusted between the branch and the flower.

The vase is made using the resistant technique mixing merino wool, Alpen wool, muslin and fibres of recycled plastic.

My inspiration comes from Japan, where cherry blossoms are the first to blossom in spring, and they represent hope, purity and endurance. Cherry blossoms are my idea of perfection and beauty and I wanted to represent them in this artwork. Little pebbles around are creating a little Zen garden.