Artwork 1: Summer Moors
I live close to moorlands in the northern Peak District and am constantly inspired by the ever-changing dance of light and colour throughout the seasons. This inspires me to ‘paint’ landscapes with fine layers of wool. Perhaps we think of the moors as predominantly brown and green with a splash of colour here and there. However, when I walk on the moors and look closely, it is actually full of a whole kaleidoscope of subtle and bold colours with intricate patterns of lines and textures. This piece conveys some of these observations on a sunny midsummers day.

Materials and Techniques
Wet felting and needle felting, wool fibres, silk, georgette, organza, chiffon, silk fibres.

Artwork 2: Moorland Valley
As above for Artwork 1. However, this piece was inspired by a time later in the summer when the purples of the heather come into full flower.

Materials and Techniques
Wet felting, wool fibres, chiffon, organza, silk threads. 

Artwork 3: Mountain Lake 

This piece is intended to evoke the feel of being by a lakeside flanked by mountains in the Lake District. While blue is the dominant colour, there is an interplay between patterns of line and subtle colours that might suggest something partially perceived. I see this as a more ethereal, semi-abstract interpretation of kaleidoscope. 

Materials and Techniques

Wet felting using wool fibres, georgette, chiffon, silk fibres, dyed flax.

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